Sofra offers an vast array of hand-picked grocery items, ranging from homemade fruit preserves to imported olive oils. We believe that the ingredients you use in your cooking enormously contribute to its quality.

We strive to work with the best importers and producers to be able to bring top-notch items to your pantry. Many of these people have rich stories attached to their product that adds to the beauty and richness of the flavors that they bring us.

To share a few of these stories, please browse below to get to know more about our offerings from our international Sofra family!


Brooklyn Sesame

Upon an inspiring return to his native country Israel, former dancer Shahar Shamir, he fell in love again with the popular Mediterranean sweet, halva.

Instead of it sticking as a guilty pleasure due to all of the sugar and artificial ingredients in most generic halva, he decided to transform it into the healthy treat it was originally intended to be!

Now living in Brooklyn, NY, he started making it to bring to dinner parties where it became increasingly popular. It eventually led to him to start his own line, Brooklyn Sesame, where he sells his products online, local shops and at the Brooklyn Flea.

Shahar uses all natural and pure ingredients with no artificial agents or flavoring. He uses honey as his sweetener instead of sugar and doesn't thicken it with corn or glucose syrup. The ingredients stand alone to make a delicious spread!



Mymouné was started in 1989 by two sisters during the Lebanese civil war, to support the people of Ain el Kabou, a village on the slopes of Mt. Sannine in central Lebanon.  Because it was impossible to get fresh fruit to market, the sisters began preserving the fruit, hoping to sell the preserves after the conflict was settled.

Their fruits are hand-picked. They are cooked uncovered in small batches—a method which contributes to their unique taste. 100% Natural—No colorants, no preservatives.



Canaan Fair Trade is a small exporter that integrates small growers and producers of olive oil, honey, nuts and more into the global market. Their main goal is to follow a fair trade enterprise model that promotes organic and sustainable methods of growing and producing food product. All of their items originate from Palestine and are USDA organic.



Ana went to school with the owner and founder of belazu in France. George Bennel started his company with his mother and drove from London to the south of france every few weeks to pick up buckets of fresh olives to bring back to sell to the chefs in London. 

His family lived in the south of france most of his life and when he moved to London, he missed the flavors and quality of the olives and Mediterranean pantry items that he grew to love.  He’s grown the company with his best friend Adam and is now giving back to the community schools in the area where he buys his argan oil. 

He shares high standards of ingredients and good relationships with the people that grow and produce the products that he sells. Ana still remains close to his family and continues to love cooking with his carefully sourced products.

We carry a variety of belazu products including preserved lemons, balsamic vinegar, barley couscous, argan oil & rose harissa. They are known for sourcing high quality products from small producers.