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Happy 9th Birthday Sofra Bakery and Café!

Please come celebrate with an evening of meze and sweet treats created by our wonderfully talented chefs and pastry chefs!

In honor of the 9 amazing years you have welcomed Sofra into your lives, we would like to invite you to a multi-course dessert tasting event. Each course is created by a different team member of our Sofra, Oleana, Sarma family. We will begin the evening with a savory meze reception and then spend the rest of the night enjoying desserts.

We hope to see you there!

Meze Reception from 6:30pm-7:00pm
Dessert Tastings from 7:00pm-9:00pm

Reception: Assorted Meze, Simit, Crackers
Didem Hosgel
Chef de Cuisine, Sofra Bakery

Katmer, Housemade Ricotta, Plums, Hibiscus Lime Curd, Salted Pistachio
Sophie Gees
Pastry Chef de Cuisine, Oleana Restaurant

Barley Rusk Salad, Manouri Cheese, Tomato, Grilled Figs, Balsamic Sabayon
Maura Kilpatrick
Executive Pastry Chef, Oleana Restaurant + Sofra Bakery

Bisteeya Au Lait, Apricot Sweet Milk Glace, Ginger Granita, Cashew Crunch
Katherine Dooley
Guest Chef

Loukoumades, Halva 4 Ways: Halva Caramel, Tahini Praline, Sesame Fudge, Floss
Rae Murphy
Head Baker, Sarma Restaurant

Sweet Corn Ice Cream, Anise Hyssop Revani, Husk White Chocolate, Red Currants
Alexandra Artinian
Pastry Sous Chef, Sofra Bakery

Finale: Birthday Cake
Kerry Foster
Pastry Sous Chef, Sofra Bakery

Tickets: $75

CLICK HERE to REGISTER for Happy 9th Birthday Sofra Bakery and Café!

Cancellation policy: We understand plans change; tickets to this event are refundable up until August 10th.